Need a San Diego Hard Money Loan?

private hard money loan

Out of all the places where one can get a San Diego hard money loan, we have the most flexible terms with good rates.

Hard Money loans are many times a necessary component if you own real estate in San Diego. Almost any hard money loan is usually asset based, with the loan being issued on the equity of the property(for refis) or the down payment in the case of a purchase.

Getting a San Diego hard money loan requires minimal paperwork. We have the advantage of speed and flexibility over the conventional lenders. Less than good credit doesn’t bother us. We also do not ask for your tax returns nor paycheck stubs.

San Diego Residential Loans or Commercial Loans

George Kengott

As a San Diego hard money lender, we can loan on a myriad of types of properties.






-Condos and Town homes

We can loan in your name, your corp. or LLC . We just recently did a 2nd mortgage on a hardware store in San Diego. We also just completed a 5 unit apartment in North San Diego County. Hard money is almost always quick.

Our loan limits are from $50,000 up to 10 million. We are one of the few companies who do San Diego hard money second mortgages. Why get rid on a terrific first with a low interest rate just to get cash out. Get that second mortgage with a hard money loan.

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